If you've been around my stuff for a while, you'll have heard me talk about how awesome MailChimp is for your business email list.

And it is.

But as my business expands and evolves, I'm changing my mind about whether MailChimp is right for me.

Let me explain...

Here's what I say about MailChimp on my MailChimp course page:

There are a ton of email marketing services out there, and MailChimp is my favourite. It does have one disadvantage, which I'll explain later, but its many advantages outweigh that in my opinion.
It's easy to use, super powerful, and has a FREE version that will serve you excellently for a long time. 
MailChimp does everything I need and will do everything you need WITHOUT costing you an arm and a leg.
It's what I use, and it's also what Mike Dillard, who made $50 million in the last ten years with a list-based business, uses, so you're in good company! :)

I stand by that - with some conditions.

When I started my healing business, I didn't care AT ALL about learning fancy new systems, marketing techniques and technologies, or how to target and tag. I just wanted to share my blog posts, special events & offers, and business travel with my clients.

MailChimp is perfect for that.

But now that my business has expanded and evolved, I want to get jiggy with more complicated online options - and I want to AUTOMATE as much as possible.

I'm a huge fan of automation whether or not you have an online business - I'm still going to recommend AT THE LEAST having an automated welcome series when people join your list, which MailChimp can totally do - but the disadvantage I mentioned above? Here it is...

MailChimp counts subscribers twice when you have them on more than one list*.

This means that once you get above a few hundred members, if you're using different freebies to get people onto your list, you're paying double for your subscribers (you could always delete people from the "feeder list" once they're on your main list, but because MailChimp doesn't let you tag subscribers, you would then lose the info on how they came to you).*

*If this makes no sense to you, set up a FREE 30-minute coaching call so I can explain it to you! :)


MailChimp also doesn't let you get as sophisticated with your automations.

If you want to have the most versatility possible, it's ConvertKit all the way. I'm in the process of, well, converting, and so far I LOOOOOVE it. 

When people click on a link to learn more, claim a freebie, or visit my site, I can set up automations for that action (I can send a series of emails with more info to everyone who claims a certain gift or wants to learn more about a certain topic, so the people who don't care about that topic don't get turned off and unsubscribe).

Seriously this is AWESOME for a nerd like me! :)

It's definitely harder to learn than MailChimp, but if you want the robustness of being able to track, tag, and fully automate - then ConvertKit is for you.

If you just want a simple email list to keep in touch with your clients with the ability to do some automation, then MailChimp all the way, baby!

I'd love to hear what service you use and how you like it. Comment below or email me at jennifer [at] jenniferknowlan.com.

To your success!!!!!